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Become the musician you want to be

picture: Michael Krier –

Personal Webcam Lessons

All the knowledge in the world can’t replace a teacher adapting it to your specific needs.
Solving your problems. Refining your technique. Unlocking your full potential.
Let me guide you.

Michael Krier –

Singing & Screaming Lessons

Learn the technique and sound you are after the right way. Your performance and vocal health are my top priorities. One-on-one lessons are the fastest way to progress – from the comfort of your home.

Michael Krier – | with Dirk Hartel –

24/7 Chat Guidance

I stay in contact with all regular students. Via chat or mail you can ask questions and update me on your progress via voice recordings anytime to receive answers and feedback.

Michael Krier –

Songwriting & Arrangement Lessons

You want to take your songs to the next level? You want to take your musicianship to the next level? I teach songwriting, music theory, composition, and production. Genres: Rock, Metal (all subgenres), Pop, and Videogame Score.

What the students say

“Marcel has been my first experience with vocal coaching, and despite my inexperience, he has helped me immensely with improving my screams and general vocal proficiency.

He’s not only a pleasure to work with in our lessons, but takes time to give detailed feedback on my updates between the lessons.”

— Jacob, US

“Marcel has greatly accelerated my learning process regarding screaming and also singing, to the point of me achieving things that I thought would take few years in a matter of months.

When I decided to take lessons, I could do only the very basics of what screaming entails, but Marcel helped me learn more of each component of a scream and also taught me how to combine them. Right now I can do healthy relaxed screams on demand, ranging from frys to falsecords. He has also aided me in becoming a better singer, taking my singing to a new level with each lesson.”

— Dragos, Romania

“I have been working hard on my voice with other vocal courses and teachers for years and all this time I’ve been unsuccesful in my attempts to develop a usable metal scream. I have also struggled with vocal tension in my clean singing voice that no other teacher or course has been able to resolve.

When I started with Marcel his methods were like nothing I had experienced before. Rather than teaching me from a fixed curriculum that either works for you or doesn’t, he instead took an investigative approach to diagnose my specific vocal production issues based on his extensive knowledge of vocal anatomy and his amazing ability to understand what is going on inside my throat just by listening to the tone and qualities of my singing voice.

This way we have solved the vocal tension issue that haunted me for decades and are now working on screaming. I am so glad I finally found someone who could help me. I wholeheartedly recommend Marcel as an outstanding vocal teacher.”

— Sam, Australia


Trial lesson (50 minutes) – 35€ (regular lesson at a discounted price)

Single lesson (50 minutes) – 75€

3 lessons bundle (50 minutes each) – 195€ (65€ per lesson)

5 lessons bundle (50 minutes each) – 300€ (60€ per lesson)

Included in these prices are:

  • Chat guidance outside of lesson time. You have a question? You need help? Contact me via mail, Discord or Skype and I will help you out.
  • Lesson aftercare: After each lesson you may send me recordings of you practicing what we did in the lesson. You receive an individual feedback audio of me commenting on your performance and giving you further input. My additional feedback on your progress helps you stay on track.
  • Resources for music production and recording your vocals: project templates, FX chains, and the original production projects of my music to practice mixing and study music production.

If due to currency differences my lessons are unaffordable to you, please contact me via mail and I will do my best to make a deal that works for you.

Let’s get in contact

Use the contact form to get in contact with me. We will discuss all the details then.

Or contact me via

  • Facebook messenger: +49 174 3616867
  • mail:
  • Discord: Marcel#9118
  • Skype: live:marcelweidenauer


Payment is done via Paypal, Google Pay, or bank transfer. More frequently asked questions about lessons, payment, and the website in the faq

About me

Picture: Fabian Kessler @envision253

Artist, Composer, Producer, Teacher

Performing, writing, producing, teaching – everything revolves around music. This is not just what I do. This is what I want to enable you to do.

Teaching Singing & Screaming

2018 – present

Since 2018 I have been active in message boards and online groups dedicated to screaming vocals. This way I have encountered the approaches of countless different vocalists.

During this time I studied the vocal mechanism extensively. This includes laryngoscopies of myself and others, classical teachers, rock&pop teachers, Alexander-Technique, and CVT.

Due to this amount of experience and insight I developed my own methodology, which is what I use in the articles and my lessons. My background in Pedagogy and Education helps me give comprehensible, easy-to-follow lessons.

Since 2020 I teach singing and screaming full time. So far I have taught close to two hundred singers from all around the world.

Artist Career

2013 – present


2013: Pur Mushroom (self-titled): guitar, songwriting
2015: Trigora (self-titled): vocals, guitar, songwriting
2016: Of Slaves and Kings – Trigora: vocals, guitar, songwriting
2018: Green – Chevalier: vocals
2018: The Call – Amantis: vocals, songwriting
2019: Hollow Knight – weidenauer: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, recording
2020: Helios – Amantis: vocals, songwriting
2020: Hunger – weidenauer: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, songwriting, recording
2020: Our Fault – weidenauer: songwriting and production
2020: RollDrauf Soundtrack – RollDrauf: composition and production
2021: Through Darkness – weidenauer: songwriting and production

Studies & Degree

Spring 2019: Bachelor of Arts (Teaching Lower Secondary, English and Music). Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg / University of Education Heidelberg.

Fall 2021: Master of Education (Teaching Lower Secondary, English and Music). Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg / University of Education

Producing and Composing

Writing music, recording and producing it are skillsets and crafts completely seperate from performing. I have been writing rock and metal music since 2011. In 2019 I started producing music as well. The three hour soundtrack of the DnD Podcast ‘RollDrauf’ was my debut as a composer.