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How do I know if this site is legit?
This site is the most comprehensive and in-depth guide to screaming and distortion there is on the internet. But you will never know. Read, listen, replicate, and see for yourself if what I present here makes sense to you or not. Compare this knowledge with your pre-existing knowledge and the knowledge of others you have found and will continue to find and make up your own mind. I am not all-knowing and the site is growing along with my expertise.

Where is the catch? How are you profiting?
There is no catch. Some people will want to progress faster, encounter dead ends, get stuck, or just don’t like to teach themselves. This is where I come in and offer one-on-one lessons. What I offer is my experience, a path laid out and developed for you individually, catered to your needs and status quo.  If you do not need or want lessons, you don’t need to take them. I sincerely hope my site helps you achieve your goals.

Why are you making all this expert knowledge publicly available? Why would I book lessons if all I need is here?
I believe knowledge should be freely accessible. By sharing and educating ourselves we make the world a better place. I have learned from others for free. This body of knowledge is not just my own work, but the work of others as well. I owe it to them too.

I believe hiding information behind paywalls or teasing people with little bits here and there to get them to pay for lessons is not only frustrating for everyone but sketchy business practice overall. Therefore, any teacher worth their salt should display their knowledge and skill right from the start. No guessing games if the teacher is legit or not. Take my knowledge and compare it with what you learned elsewhere to assess for yourself if my service is legit or not. I don’t have anything to hide.

Cant you just show me how to scream (in a short video tutorial)?
Counter question: What would you think of someone who proclaims they can teach you to draw in 10 minutes? Or sing in 10 minutes? Mix a song in 10 minutes? Perform a surgery? Build a house? All from absolute zero! This person would either be naive or scamming you. You see how ridiculous this is?

Imagine someone would actually try to teach you how to mix and master music in 10 minutes. All the steps would need to be compromised in such an extreme way that beyond the absolute surface level you could not learn anything of value from it. The same thing applies to screaming (and singing). This is not just an artform: it is a highly complex skill, a craft one must learn and master. And I believe everyone can.

about lessons

How much is a lesson?
Your first lesson is only 20€. Following lesson prices depend on how many lessons you decide to get. You find the price chart here.

How do I sign up for a lesson?
Contact me via e-mail at or write me a message on Skype at live:marcelweidenauer or write a message +49 174 3616867. We will schedule a lesson asap.

How are lessons and payment handled?
Lessons are scheduled via your preferred means of communication (e-mail, Skype, sms) and done via Skype’s video call function. Payment is done via PayPal and due (shortly) before the lesson. PayPal is usually instantaneous so you can send the money the moment we start if you are uncomfortable. You can also pay via bank transfer and Google Pay.

If you need to reschedule the lesson, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance. Sometimes this does not work out and that is okay! Life happens to everyone. If you decide to cancel a lesson you paid for in advance you will get the full payment minus PayPal transaction fees back within 48 hours.

If not arranged with you otherwise, lessons are scheduled and paid for individually. If you decide to pay for multiple lessons in advance, you will get a discount.

If you have paid for a lesson in advance and you decide to cancel and not take the lesson, you will have your payment refunded (minus transaction fees) within 48 hours. Bundles are refunded like this: Bundle price – lessons of the bundles taken x current single lesson price (- transaction fees) = your refund. I.e. you took one lesson of the bundle (180€ – 75€x1). Your refund is 105€ minus transaction fees.

What setup do I need for the lesson?
You need a stable internet connection (6mbits/sec or faster), a camera, and a microphone. The built-in camera and microphone of your PC or phone will suffice. If you have a singing microphone you can of course use it. That’s great but not a requirement.

Make sure audio and video are working. We can do a lesson with audio only if we have to, but video is important as well. If you are using your phone, set it up in a way where you don’t have to hold it, you can see the screen with an upright posture, and where I can see your upper body and face. Make sure you can sing and scream and be loud when we do the lesson.