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the guide to screaming and distortion


part one: What is a scream?

part two: The fundamentals

part three: The recipes


This guide is neither a quick read, nor a quick how-to. If you want to learn how to do technique XYZ in 5 minutes you can leave. This is your handbook and wiki to extreme vocals, to singing with distortion and rasp, and screaming in all styles. This is the most detailed step by step in-depth tutorial there is on the internet. It is my way of giving back to a community that has taught and supported me. It is and will stay absolutely free. What I want in return? Share what you have stumbled upon here. Share the knowledge and help others with it.

Is all this necessary?

Why would you need to know all this? You need to know how a scream is created to create it yourself. And to know how it is created you need to know about the parts that do the creating. A car mechanic needs to understand how a car works to repair it. A doctor needs to know how the body works to heal it. Yes, I could go ahead and just show you but then I’d need to reduce the information so much that it wouldn’t be of much help anyways. You are free to go back to YouTube tutorials, sighs, whisper screams, and pterodactyl noises if you don’t believe me, but you’ll never truly know what could have been if you had had all that knowledge.

The plan

In part one I show you the main types of screams so you can keep the style you want to learn in mind while reading. I will refer to these techniques within the text. To explain how each type is created you need to have a basic understanding of voice anatomy, so I will cover the voice and the agents that create distortion. In part two I show you how these are used to form a scream. The type of scream you are looking to learn will determine the path you need to take. In part three I lay out a path to learn each type of scream with explanations for each and every part they consist of and each step you need to learn to put them together. With everything sound related there is audio for you to hear the sounds and techniques I explain.